Tom Langdale


A late comer to the world of writing, Tom has published a practical guide for young men and a two part fictional series which has attracted numerous 5 star reviews.

Published Works

Tom's first foray into publishing was a helpful and practical informational guide for boys, A Young Man’s Guide to Life. Published in 2013, it set the scene for other literary projects to follow.

His first novel ‘One Man’s Poison’ published in 2013, is an expose of the psychological effects of abuse on women with an adventure thrown in to shows you can be strong and fight the mind bending trauma that abuse can course. The twist at the end highlights the flash back that can return to take over your head.

Poisoned Legacy, sequel to One Man’s Poison, published October 2021 continues the story of all consuming revenge!

Poisoned Legacy

Published Oct 2021
Poisoned Legacy book jacket cover
Poisoned Legacy - read more…

One Man’s Poison

Published May 2013
One mans poison book jacket cover
One Man’s Poison - read more…

A Young Man’s Guide

Published Feb 2010
A young Man’s Guide book cover
Young Man’s Guide - read more…

Poisoned Legacy

The long awaited sequel to One Man’s Poison

This is Tom’s latest book, published by Clink Street Publishing (28 October 2021)

Still reeling from her dramatic loss, for which she blames herself, Christine Winthrop and her working girl cousin Angela, become embroiled with crimes which were being revealed by anonymous calls to a national newspaper. With her family under threat of blackmail by a journalist, Christine has to act.

Earl Winthrop’s business is targeted by a group of business men seeking financial advantages on government contracts. Chief Inspector Garragan, an old school police officer, is brought in to assist with the investigation of allegations of fraud, implicating a Member of Parliament.

Garragan’s enquires take a sinister turn when a girl is found abandoned in a seriously distressed state in the heart of London. One of the same group of businessmen is implicated, and become the focus of a deeper investigation.

Giles Foster, a socially well placed security agent, is brought in to guide and progress the sensitive investigations, where high profile, members of a St James’ Street Gentlemen’s Club are implicated in a series of crimes that he could not ignore.

Garragan thinks Foster is not all he seems; a well-known face in London society; Garragan believes he could have another agenda.

The legacy Foster inherited taunts him, after his mother shares the truth, and an all-consuming pain from his past needs to be expunged. Revenge becomes all consuming, the drive to seek restitution driving every waking hour.

customers Reviews of PoisonED Legacy

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five star review graphic

A poisoned past can feed revenge. I was instantly drawn to this front cover and couldn’t say no when I seen it. I adore a thriller read. I do struggle with very intellectual point of views at times especially when it comes to government situations but this author’s done an amazing job at making the complicated terminology and characters fit the plot.

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five star review graphic
I’m longing for Tom Langdale’s next book

Poisoned Legacy is the long awaited sequel to One Man’s Poison, but Poisoned Legacy can be read as a stand-alone.

A poisoned past can feed revenge!

loved reading about Christine Winthrop, she is a very troubled woman, who opens up to her cousin Angela Palmer. Christine doesn’t have a mother as she has died, so she confides in her cousin Angela.

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four star review graphic
Important Moral to the Story

Definitely an interesting read. I felt a little confused at first but once I got into the book it became more interesting and intriguing. I think if I’d read book one it would’ve made more sense from the beginning so I might try and get book 1 and start again.

The book was quite gripping and the character development interesting. I enjoyed the concept of the book, I don’t think I’ve read a storyline like it before

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four star review graphic

This well written sequel highlights the importance of closure, finding the truth and dealing with the feelings of being betrayed and lied to. ⁠

The characters felt so real to me, almost like I was exploring the story with them. Of course there were some characters more likeable than others, and I found myself siding with certain ones and eager to find out what was going to happen next. ⁠

Secrets, deceit and mystery - everything we need for an amazing thriller! This is the second book in a series, but can be read as a standalone, just as I did.

four star review graphic
Ginny McPherson
4 Stars

What a corker of a book. I believe this is a sequel but I did not read the previous book and it was a fantastic standalone thriller. It had everything you would expect from this genre, but what I really liked was the depth of characters. I felt as the story grew, we learnt more about them.

Angela and Christine are cousins, they are flawed and actually not really that likeable but as the story grew and we learn more about these woman my affection for them also grew. I think a sign of some really fantastic writing to turn feelings around in a story.

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One Man’s Poison

An intriguing story of the past affecting the present

Published by Book Guild Limited (30 May 2013)

With her perfect figure and beguiling brown eyes, Christine Tyler wields an uncanny power over men. But behind her child-like gaze lies a dark destructive secret. Desperate to escape unhappy memories in her Devon family home, she flees to London and lives the high life with her glamorous older cousin. Before long, though, she feels restless, and a career in the army beckons.

Tall, tanned, handsome and titled, Martin Winthrop has it all. As heir to the Winthrop estate and earldom, his father expects him to continue the family’s 200-year tradition and join the army. A rebellious phase leads him on wild nights out in London with his friend Leon Morton, where fine women are only ever a phone call away. But everything comes at a price, and he finds himself tangled in a web with dangerous Italian East Ender, Philip Monza.

Years later, Major Winthrop is posted on a top-secret joint intelligence mission to Istanbul with the enigmatic Captain Tyler. The chemistry between them is electric, but they must focus on the mission objective: to pin down the perpetrators of a series of murders targeting former German officers from the Second World War. But all is not as it seems, and the deeper they dig, the more worrying connections to his past Martin finds.

customers Reviews of One Man’s Poison

Reviews extracted from Amazon, unless stated.
five star review graphic
Kirsty Berry
A fantastic read

A very well written book where all the characters come to life and felt like l was there a fantastic read and just did not want to put it down l can highly recommend this book.

five star review graphic
J Chapman
With a brilliant twist at the end

One man's poison, what an exciting read. This novel was given to me by my brother-in-law and I could not put it down. The author has got inside the main characters head and maintained the intensity throughout the story, with a brilliant twist at the end. Thoroughly recommended.

five star review graphic
Keith F Prichard
A masterful first book

I rated this book 5 star because it was well composed with many twists and turns which kept me interested. The foundation of the story was put together in a fashion that made me want to keep reading, to see what came next…

I look forward to Toms next book.

five star review graphic
Highly recommended

A very enjoyable read - quite a dark story, but lots going on, fast paced and a very unexpected ending!

five star review graphic
Mrs Dawn A Watson
Really good read

This book is a fantastic read and gives you a great insight to the characters, up there with the best authors in this genre. Would highly recommend this book.

five star review graphic
Mrs Lee S Mason
Real reading

Been meaning to read this book for sometime & wished I'd read it when I first got this! I enjoyed this book & characters felt very real! A ITV drama would be good so we can see the characters & the author describes the characters to the point. It would be nice to see this on the TV. Would recommend & I shall to the local book club.

five star review graphic
Linda Panteleone
Best book I read in a long time

This novel is a must to read...I just couldn't put it down...can't wait for the next one.

Well written and easy to read.

five star review graphic
David Brett
Would recommend this

I liked this immensely. once I picked it up, couldn't put it down. Very thought provoking. For a first novel I thought it was very clear, well written.

five star review graphic
Lesley Rogers
Five stars

Harrowing, but so poignant in today's world.

Well written and easy to read.

five star review graphic
Lindsey Burden
Great read highly recommended

I found the book to be well written, easy to follow and fast paced. I loved the way the characters were weaved throughout the story which made for interesting reading, with fantastic twists and turns.

five star review graphic
Sue T
Thought provoking and a good read

Through a gripping narrative which has clearly been very well researched, this book highlights the potential impact of childhood abuse on future life choices. It has much insight to offer in the current climate of grave concern about these issues, yet maintains the reader's attention in an exciting story.

five star review graphic
M Heard
Five stars

I took this book on holiday with me, and once I started to read it I couldn't put it down. It is extremely well written fast moving with a very unexpected ending. I thoroughly recommend it, it is a very good read.

A Young Man’s Guide

Young Man’s Guide to Life by Tom Langdale

This is Tom’s first book, published by Grosvenor House Publishing Limited (19 February 2010)

Knowledge gives strength to maximise potential

Young men need important life information and guidance, to build their confidence and self esteem. The aim of this book is to offer that support during the development process from adolescence to young adult, to help reduce confusion and anxiety.

Information on Young Mens Issues

This book provides the important building blocks of knowledge that they will need to successfully navigate through the pitfalls of youth, covering many areas which could cause concern: how to respond to family and friends, coping with the emotional ups and downs of being young, the dangers which life can present, anger management, depression, confusion and how to cope with life and its choices.

Growing up with Less Stress

Knowing how to be safe in their activities, both physically and mentally, will help them to get the best out of their young lives and to enjoy it to the full.

Book Overview

Living With Parents: Understanding  your Relationship with your parents, Maximising and using their knowledge. Banks and Banking for the young man-teenager, How to Handle Credit cards, Avoiding a criminal record

Living With Friends: Renting property, Accommodation Location, Understanding, fair mindedness and behaviour when sharing.

Living on Your Own: Costs, freedoms and responsibility, Borrowing money, Buying a House, Budgeting, Conveyance, Insurance, Letting spare rooms.

Caring For Yourself: Knowing how to take care of yourself, Mind and body, Cooking for the single man, Cleaning yourself and where you live.

Self Esteem: How to feel good about yourself, Emotional changes, Shyness, Education, Peer approval.

Confidence: Building success and self belief, Personality building, Social awareness.

Sex and Sexuality: Self awareness of your sexuality, gay or straight, guide lines on how to approach girls and your first sexual experience.

A Cry For Help: Emotional support and coping with anxiety, How to cope with bullying, anger management, Understanding depression and suicidal thoughts and actions.

Work: Career choices for young men, University and what to study, On the job training, self employment.

Entertainment: How to have fun safely, concerts, eating out. Alcoholism.

Holidays: What to do and where to go, and being aware of the dangers.

Fashion: Choosing what suits you, clothes, hair, shoes, without becoming a fashion victim.

Sport: Keeping fit and enjoying sporting activity, self discipline needed.

Help Lines: Samaritans, Child Line, NHS Direct, USA Crisis Centre, Gay and Lesbian switchboard, Mental Health Foundation, and many more.

Other books to read: Help book for boys, Information books that suits your choices, Teenage Literature.

customers Reviews of A Young MAn’s Guide

Five star review graphic
A young man’s to life

What a fantastic read.

It is refreshing to find a book that covers such important topics for young men and indeed their friends and families. I would highly recommend this book.

Thank you to the author who has written this book with lots of love and passion!!

Thank you to the author who has written this book with lots of love and passion!!

About Tom

Born in Loughborough, with four older sisters and two younger brothers, his family moved to Surrey when his father sought work to improve the family fortunes.

On leaving school he served an apprenticeship for tool-making and precision engineering, eventually starting his own engineering business in partnership with his youngest brother

Spending his working life in engineering, Tom discovered writing as a hobby, taking creative writing classes, writing short stories and trying to develop the skills required to write a novel. He developed an outline for a novel over a twenty year span and wrote some of the text during his creative writing classes run by Brighton University. After leaving his engineering business, he turned his love of writing into a fully engrossing pastime.

Tom joined the Samaritans in 2004, following a friend’s suicide, which became the catalyst to developing his interest in psychology and some aspects of human behaviour. He took an ASET diploma in Counselling to gain a greater knowledge of how to listen and support the people he encountered. In 2011, he joined the management committee for the Downs Visitors Association, which serves Highdown and Downview prisons for men and women respectively. 

With the experience gained from working with the Samaritans, he fulfilled an ambition to write an information book for boys and young men, which was something he wished he had had access to. The book was published in 2010, “A Young Man’s Guide to Life” aims to give young men the help in building their lives with more knowledge and less stress, in a fast modern world that has too many pressures, with too little information on how to cope with it.

Following the publication of his first book, Tom was spurred on to complete his first novel ‘One Man’s Poison’. He held several book signings and used networking to promote his story. Its sequel, ‘Poisoned Legacy, published in 2021. Tom is on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Tom enjoys keeping active, walking and being out in the countryside. He has been lucky enough to have travelled to places like the Great Wall of China, the Amazon jungle and trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

What’s next

I have written my family journey, a tale of family happenings and the lifestyle with seven kids in what felt like victorian culture of discipline and the added need to survive. I am currently working on the story of my grandmother's cousin who was found drowned in a pond in 1899. the inquest said suicide, the family say murder. I have fictionalised a story using three potential perpetrators of the crime, with the forensic evidence we have now that you can't drown yourself in a shallow pond without assistance.

photo portrait of Tom Langdale, author